In Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, the naïve Mr. Smith yields the Senate floor out of courtesy to a colleague, In doing so he loses his ability to debate on his legislation to prevent graft and corruption,  Mr. Smith learned the hard way about the importance of knowing procedural rules. Officers and members of boards and and associations need to know the rules of order to achieve their goals and help their enterprises succeed. Our expertise includes:

  • Meeting and Session Governance Services
  • Presiding Officer Services
  • Delegate Convention or Assembly Services
  • Strategic Procedural Planning Services
  • Bylaw Drafting, Review, and Revision Services
  • Written Opinions Services
  • Training Programs

Meeting and Session Governance
Aside from the bylaws of an organization or public body, Call To Order recommends developing special rules and standing rules of order so that meetings and decision-making are smooth, efficient, and successful. These kinds of rules are particularly effective in large assemblies or conventions but may also be effective for boards and committees. Call To Order will review your bylaws and organizational structure to assess and recommend improvements.

Presiding Officer Services
In some circumstances, an organization or assembly may want a neutral individual outside of the organization to preside over a meeting in which there may be a particularly important question or issue or that may take up a sufficiently complex matter. Call To Order offers professional, objective and knowledgeable presiding-officer services for a single meeting, a series of meetings, or as a regular presiding officer.

Delegate Convention or Assembly Services
Many organizations or associations consist of geographically dispersed local, state, or regional units that gather at annual meetings to conduct business for the entire organization. Conventions or delegate assemblies require special attention to details from arranging for a proper venue, that is, a convention center or hotel, to assuring that voting delegates have the proper credentials to participate in formal business meetings of an organization. Call To Order can assist your organization in making proper plans prior to and during delegate conventions to assure smooth, efficient, and successful conventions.

Strategic Procedural Planning
On occasion, boards of directors or a caucus within an organization may seek to achieve a certain goal or objective such as adoption of a certain resolution or the merger or consolidation of one or more related organizations. Call To Order will work with boards, caucuses, or organizations to plan out strategies, tactics, and contingency plans to reach successfully the intended goals.

Bylaw Drafting, Review, and Revision 
The bylaws of an organization define its very existence and are the central controlling document and establish the name, the objective, the membership, officers and other crucial characteristics that provide the foundation for all the organization does.  Bylaws, whether being written for a newly established organization or having not been looked at for millennia, require special attention and periodic review and revision to address changes that inevitably occur in any organization. Call To Order will apply its keen editorial eye and expert writing skills to ensure that your bylaws are up to date and serve the needs of your organization. 

Written Opinions
Even the best written and fine-tooth-combed bylaws will present unanticipated questions that require knowledgeable and expert review of the circumstances to arrive at a fair resolution or answer to a question. At other times, where serious disagreement within an organization may arise over how to proceed with a certain question or circumstance, gaining acceptance by all parties may require the services of a neutral, objective third party to offer a refereed conclusion that all may agree with. Call To Order has the expertise and objectivity to produce written opinions to address these and other circumstances.

Training Programs
The saying goes “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” Call To Order offers training programs and resources to give organizations the tools they need to conduct and maintain proper governance procedures from presiding over meetings and keeping proper minutes to a complete basic training on Roberts Rules of Order.

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