In Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, the naïve Mr. Smith yields the Senate floor out of courtesy to a colleague, In doing so he loses his ability to debate on his legislation to prevent graft and corruption,  Mr. Smith learned the hard way about the importance of knowing procedural rules. Officers and members of boards and and associations need to know the rules of order to achieve their goals and help their enterprises succeed. Our expertise includes:

  • Meeting and Session Governance Services
  • Presiding Officer Services
  • Delegate Convention or Assembly Services
  • Strategic Procedural Planning Services
  • Bylaw Drafting, Review, and Revision Services
  • Written Opinions Services
  • Training Programs

Many businesses, organizations, and associations focus on what they ought to focus on: achieving their primary objective whether the objective is to make a profit or to pursue a stated purpose. The last thing they think about is the efficient conduct of meetings, bylaw reviews, or following proper parliamentary procedures. In many instances this is of little consequence until a situation arises that requires scrutiny. In many circumstances, scrutiny brings serious flaws, controversy, and costly processes to reconcile.

The purpose of Call To Order is to focus on the bylaws and procedures so you don’t have to. Call To Order will provide parliamentary consulting services to agencies, associations, and organizations including bylaw writing and consulting, presiding officer services, and parliamentary advisory services at conventions and other large gatherings. We can provide services on an hourly basis, project basis or on retainer for ongoing consulting services. Call To Order can assist businesses as well as churches or church organizations, home owner associations, nonprofit organizations, and other private organizations or associations.

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Independence Hall, Philadelphia,PA is where the Second Continental Congress debated and passed the Declaration of Independence, and where the Constitutional Convention debated and adoped the U.S. Constitution.